American Apocalypse Now

In American Apocalypse Now, The Onion Club curate and re-imagine a collection of iconic songs which offer multiple lenses into the dark flip side of the American Dream, woven with comedy, spoken word and agit prop theatre and selected original material from their ‘kitchen collaboration’. From the ridiculous to the sublime, from the shameful to the soulful, The Onion Club go boldly into the heart of darkness in this first chapter of their American Dystopian Songbook.

American Apocalypse Now will be at the Edinburgh Festival fringe throughout August 2018.

"If you have never attended one of these events, I urge you to rectify this. From the opening bars of 'Going to a Town' to the crescendo of 'Glacier', I was transfixed by the virtuosity of Stephen's playing and Pauline's vocal. The timing of American Apocalypse Now was perfect. Post Trump idiocy and a worldwide paranoia were put firmly in their place. We were allowed to forget and just enjoy the musical brilliance on show. From the Doors 'The End' to Cave's magnificent 'God is in the House', the duo manage to make the songs their own. This was highlighted by a truly transcendental 'Lucky'. Anyone who can improve a Radiohead song deserves a listen. I felt Patti Smith, Ginsberg, Morrison and Mr Yorke would have loved this night."

New for 2019 - The Threat of Peace

Another dark and dystopian cabaret from those masters of Cabaret Noir, The Onion Club, this time dealing with theme of the rise of fascism and the question of who really profits from war, economic crisis, social conflict and global chaos. A suite of exceptional songs interspersed with comedy and poetry adroitly performed by singer/performance artist Pauline M. Hynd and Pianist/composer Stephen Lee. This piece is currently in development, further details to be published in due course. The finished piece will be 60 minutes long and available to book from April 2019.


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exceptional musicality and raucous moments of comedy. Go.

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